Meet our skin care team!

SkinLove offers each of our clients a unique and extensive relaxation and skin care experience. We have a high level of technical expertise and a sincere desire to make you the most beautiful you!

Julie Bartz, LE


I’ve always had interest in fashion and beauty, health and wellness. About two years ago I decided I wanted to make a life change and do something related to these interests, and in addition to that, spend time with other women and perhaps help them make informed choices and decisions about skincare, skincare products and esthetic procedures. So, I left my “job” and attended esthetics school in Brookfield and here I am in Princeton. I’ve lived in the area all my life. Some of you may know me from my other business ventures (adventures!). You may come for pure relaxation or just to get away from the stress of daily life. I’ve attempted to carve out and create a tiny sanctuary space where you can do just this. I welcome you to come experience SkinLove and I sincerely hope you leave feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and perhaps excited about something new you’ve experienced, learned or purchased.